Graceville Gallery Shop 6/465 Oxley Road (cnr. Sherwood Road) Sherwood QLD 4075 - Phone (07) 3379 1288 - OPEN 10am to 5pm Monday-Friday, 10am to 4pm Saturday


Consignment Artists

Our consigment artists:
Sally Croagh

  • Sally Croagh

  • Ivan Isbister

  • Olivia Bailey

  • Chris Sergeant

  • Susan Rothbrust

  • Ken Casperson

  • Peter and Carol WilliamsTrudy Orth

  • Annie Hardy

  • Diane Weingott

  • Ivan IsbisterCarol Forster

  • Tricia Smout

  • Judy Fisher

  • Ken CaspersonSilvana Gardner

  • Sandra Bernaitis

  • Ngarita West

  • Marianne Kerby

  • Gayle Shaw

Our Artists

Our consignment artists are continually refreshing the artworks they have on display at the gallery.

Their contribution to the gallery is valued very highly, and their work is simply fabulous!

The diversity of work on display is truly inspirational for artists and art-lovers alike.

Please drop-in to our galley in Sherwood, Brisbane, and take a look.

Sandra Bernaitus

Olivia Bailey

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