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Jemima Zoe Quinlan

Jemima's work is a conveyance of the human body in motion.

Drawing on her experience as a dancer, her art strives to explore the multiple possibilities that erupt from each movement. Whether one part or many are fixed in space, the moving pieces of our anatomy serve to both orientate and identify the still surfaces of our bodies, as well as to adorn them.

The notion of including staggered fragments of a gesture is a passionate inquiry within Jemima's arts practice.

Trained as a ballet dancer after completing school, Jemima shifted her discipline to art. Her work differentiates the physical possibilities that errupt from each movement in a body.

The collection of work in this exhibition focuses on the posterior of the human form; the parts of our own body we never see. The back is perceived as a largely static structure; these pieces work to convey it's supple nature as it orchestrates all movement in the body.

Pas de Quattre: The Quad

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Dreamknot of the Falling Swallow
Dreamknot of the Falling Swallow
by Jemima Zoe Quinlan

Falling High
by Jemima Zoe Quinlan

Graceville Gallery Exhibition
1st March to
28 March 2008

Exhibition Opening
1st March 2008 2pm-4pm
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