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Barbara Humphreys


My passion for mosaics started about 5 years ago when I attended a short TAFE course to “get me out of the house”. From day one, I was hooked. Several very talented teachers have influenced my mosaic journey and have brought me to my current love of 3-dimensional forms and glass mosaics. I find mosaics a free and forgiving art and very absorbing.

My background in appliqué, machine embroidery and professional dressmaking has given me a good grounding in the use of colour and I find this invaluable in my mosaics.

Incorporated in my mosaic work are fused and cut glass, mirror, jewellery, vitreous glass tiles and broken china. My quirky glass mosaic teapots are an extension of my love of china and porcelain. Seeing the facial features emerge and the personality come alive makes these teapots fun to create.

Over the past two years, I have completed 3-D Mosiac, Ceramic and Sculpture courses at the Brisbane Institute of Art. This extension of my knowledge will enable me to continue creating my mosaic art.

But teapots will always be my first love!

Bella Bejewelled - Barbara Humphreys
Bella Bejewelled - $275

High Tea
High Tea - SOLD

Barbara Humphreys - Wall Hanging 1
Wall Hanging 1 - SOLD

You can download this and use as a Desktop Background/Wallpaper on your computer - a close-up shot of Barbara's award-winning
"In my Garden" mosaic stepping-stone.
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