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Charlee Pollard

Design and colour have always sparked my interest. After running my own business in the design and sale children's clothing, I felt at a loss as to what I should do. My world had been the typical arduous 24-7 for quite a long time.

I have always loved to decorate and quite suddenly found myself renovating and helping others to design their home interiors.

In recent years I ventured into ceramics, then moved onto canvases. I love to experiment with different media, textures and colour. My paintings are largely abstract in acrylic.

Now, my greatest love is for my "Charlee's Angels". I attended a mosaic course about 4 years ago and absolutely loved it, though at the time, I didn't really know what to do with this new art experience. I had an old manequin lying around in my studio so I decided she needed dressing, which I did by mosaicing a sexy dress onto the torso. This became a real hit with gallery clients, so I started to source old or damaged manequins and dress them up in fragments of tiles, glass, crockery and basically whatever took my fancy.

I am still mosaicing my beautiful Charlee's Angels but now incorporate items of clothing which I resin and paint using various techniques. I also thoroughly enjoy collage design.

It is a great privilege, and I am very lucky to be involved with Graceville Gallery, and I am always inspired by the delight in my clients who take one of my angels home.

- Charlee

Chook - $600

Charlee's Angel
- Fine China and More - $400

Charlee Angels - Elle - $600

Charlee Angel Bust  - SOLD

Musical Images - $320 each

Charlee Pollard - Cottontail
Cottontail - $460

Ballet Dancer
Ballet Dancer - $400
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